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Nutritional guidelines for healthy living

My general eating philosophy is to eat from natural & unprocessed sources (real food)

Such us grass-fed red meat, hormone free chicken, seafood and eggs. A lot of fresh veggies and dark leafy salads, good sources of fats (such as avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds and their spreads, olive and coconut oil) and fruit, specially berries and whatever else on season. Drink plenty of water (yes just water). Completely eliminate processed sugar.

Quality is very important. I recommend choosing organic whenever possible. Besides, organic foods are good for you and for the whole world.

Quantity will depend mostly on your daily calorie expenditure and also on your body needs (such as weight loss, gain or maintenance) and type.

Controlling what you eat for just about every meal with the exception of one cheat meal a week (not a reward, just a deviation) keeps you on track.

Thought, these guidelines are mostly from the Paleo diet I don’t follow a palaeolithic diet rigorously by no means, as I also suggest eating small quantities of rye or spelt bread, rice, beans, pasta and dairy.

Healthy and clean nutritional habits make you feel more energetic, improves your mental clarity, help you to sleep better, perform better and look better. Then, why wouldn’t you?

Tomás Würst

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