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 “I’ve been training with Tomas for a number of years and he’s always provided a very knowledgeable and reliable service, in fact I’ve never known him to be late for a session once in all that time! Tomas is passionate about health and well-being without being ‘gung ho’ about it. He sessions are well balanced in terms of variety of content and he approaches delivering these in a relaxed and positive way. There are plenty of session times to choose from and he mixes the routines often to attack different forms of exercise. All in all, Tomas has and continues to be a great trainer and this really helps in keeping me on track. I can’t endorse him enough and thoroughly recommend him to people at all levels.”

Paul Roddis

"Tomás is everything you could want in a personal trainer - fit and enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and reliable. He makes exercising fun and he gets results by targeting the areas that need the most help. Tomás is a great guy who with an award-winning personality. 10/10"

Alison Burke

"There is nothing more rewarding then a tough session with the KGF!! I use to be someone who couldn’t think of anything worse then working out after a long day at work, now its my favourite part of the day. Whether I am attending the morning or evening classes they are always full of friendly and motivating fellow bootcamp goers, who I look forward to seeing and training with.  I have really surprised myself with how much I have improved and am capable of as well as how much of a love I have for making each any every possible class. Couldn’t thank Tomas and Saxon enough for bringing this out in me!!"

Lucy Littlefair

"I am someone who can easily find excuses not to workout.  It is often a mental battle to motivate myself to get up early and make it happen.  What has helped me tremendously is the atmosphere that Tomas & Saxon have created at the Kirribilli Workout Australia sessions.  There are many different levels of fitness that come along and there is always a sense that everyone is welcome and that they will always have a few supportive words for you as an individual even when there are a large number of participants attending a session. One of the best parts of the workouts is the variety of different exercises that are used.  It keeps the interest level high so that many times you don’t even realise how much of a total body workout you have done (until you wake up the next morning of course!).  Overall, I have found my strength and fitness have increased tremendously since I began working out with them a couple of years ago and look forward to maintaining/improving going forward."

Seth Hertz

"Sean is the most committed, professional , holistic , knowledgeable and safety aware fitness and health trainer you could ever have.​"

Jan Gunnun

"Training with Lucie & Thomas is what gets me up in the morning, it puts a smile on my face. I am always guaranteed variety in training which makes it interesting and keeps me coming back. They set challenging sessions, encouraging me to push myself to my limit and always improve my fitness. We always have a lot of fun, in a great environment overlooking stunning Sydney.  Lucie and Thomas are both such encouraging trainers, willing to help out where ever they can so I can achieve my best. They provide me ongong feedback to assist in improving my techniques. Their programs focus on the whole body which hopefully means I'll be toned and terrific one day :) Waking up for 6:00am isn't hard when you're working out with Workout World. You guys are GREAT!!"

Felicity Mulligan

"I love training with Lucie and Tomas every morning, it has become my favourite part of the day. I'm always surprised by the new exciting workouts - Lucie and Tomas are always thinking of ways to challenge us. They also take the time to focus on us individually - which can be a challenge with so much going on! I recently did my first half marathon and a big part of this is because my fitness has been so much improved through the training sessions. Highly recommend them."

Sophie Lloyd

"We have really enjoyed training with Kirribilli Group Fitness for the past year and a half. Their sessions are always dynamic, varied and they work hard to ensure everyone has solid technique. No session is ever the same ­ from dumbells to kettle bells, medicine balls, resistance and TRX bands to sprinting and body weight exercises, it¹s guaranteed that you always feel the burn after each class. Not to mention they are both lovely people who are passionate about encouraging you to reach your fitness goals in a positive and relaxed way. And the results speak for themselves ­ we feel fitter, stronger and as a result sleep and function better. We would recommend them to people of all fitness levels who are looking to improve their overall health and fitness.

Jess and Taur

"I found my time training with Kirribilli bootcamp to be above and beyond my expectations. I have tried other boot camps, but none compare to what Tomas and Lucie have created. Kirribilli bootcamp is great because there is so much variety; everyday is something new, it's refreshing to have two different trainers and to use a combination of body weight exercises, boxing, and to using different equipment. Tomas and Lucie focus on form, are great motivators and cater to individual needs. I look forward to training with Tomas and Lucie in the future and highly recommend Kirribilli Bootcamp."

Eliza Lloyd

"Workout Australia is a great fitness group who offer a wide variety ofcircuit, resistance and cardio workouts.They have frequent sessions to sui tmost peoples everyday work and leisure lifestyles. In my opinion, it is something different to the routine gym membership. Good thing is you don't ever need to wait for a cardio machine or weights. The outdoors is your playground. Participants are of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Future clients shouldn't be intimidated of not being the superman or superwoman. We are all there to achieve a certain goal and you are sharing it with your peers as well. It has been a pleasure to know of such great trainers who are there to train and provide guidance to your health and wellbeing and also a fun and rewarding regime that helps you achieve your personal goals. Give them a call today!"

David Ngo

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