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New Year Resolutions / Goals Success.

So much can be said about goal success and achievement.

This topic has possible more perspectives, views and alternatives that no other.

Yet, this simple breakdown always helps:


How badly you want your goal? This is the first step to susses. You need to really want it. If the I-want-I-will mind-frame is not there, nothing will ever happen.


Now, you know you want it. Then it’s time to face reality. Is the goal you want possible? Are you setting the right timeframe for it? Do you have the needed resources?

Example: Say the ultimate goal is to climb K2. This is a magnificent goal. Yet, we talking about the most dangerous and technical climb there is. So, If you are a beginner then you will have to break it down into many years of different smaller goals before attempting your task: climbing smaller mountains, toughing up your mind and training your body, learning the needed technical matters, creating the right supporting net and learning from the right professionals, etc. Say you want to loose wait, then you also will need to timeframe it correctly, look for the right support, identify and change the factors that made you overweight, learn how to do it sustainably, etc.

WILL: Determination + Perseverance

No further words needed here.

There is not easy path to success, yet the reward is there for the determined and perseverant.

Tomás Würst

Fitness Spacialist, Yoga Teacher, Workout Australia Founder and Owner.

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