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My 5 Tips For Wellness.

These five lifestyle habits / routines will no doubt positively impact your wellness.

1. Move!

Getting some exercise each day is one of the best things you can do for your health. Not only it helps to maintain a healthy weight and benefit cardiovascular fitness, coordination, muscle strength and flexibility, but it improves your mental health.

The type and kind mostly depends in your goals and needs and deeply in your likes. You can workout at your local outdoor group, hire a coach, practice sports, get into yoga… all them combined; your choice.

If you are unsure of what choices are right for you, Workout Australia coaches can help you finding exercise’s styles, intensity and frequency that best match your likes, abilities, goals and needs.

Having a fitness professional helping you along the way is the most efficient way of exercising as your practice will focus on your unique goal/s, considering all your individual needs and timings, avoiding over training and decreasing the likelihood of injury.

2. Good Nutrition

Everyone knows that eating fruits and vegetables is an important part of a balanced diet, but did you know that each colour provides different nutrients?

Eat the rainbow.

Very briefly:

Red: Protects against prostate cancer and heart and lung disease

Orange and Yellow: Supports intracellular communication

Green: Contains chemicals that block cancer

Blue and Purple: Contain antioxidants that prevent cellular ageing prevent blood clots

White and Brown: Contains anti-tumour properties and antioxidants

Some of the best ways to add some extra veggies and fruits into your diet is by making smoothies, throwing plenty of veggies into your soup, freezing fruit into ice-pop (children love them) or to use veggies or fruits as dip sticks, the actual dips, salsas and toppings.

3. Cold Shower

This is the less expected of the list. Yet, it's a fundamental routine with enormous gains that only takes 1 minute a day.

According to a study published by The North American Journal of Medical Sciences, cold water hydrotherapy can have a significant positive impact on our health. Women’s Health explains: “cold water produced documented relief for everything from pain and inflammation to aiding and abetting almost every system in the body.” It’s even said to help reduce anxiety, speed up the metabolism, and strengthen the immune system.

If you like to learn more about the benefit of Cold Water Hydrotherapy, including step by step instructions, I strongly recommend The Wim Hof Method, by Wim Hof. The book also includes the other pillars of his method: Breathing and Mindset.

Wim (icemen_hof) has 2M+ Instagram followers, yet contrary to most Insta’s “celebrities” for all good reasons.

4. Rest

Consistent sleep deprivation can increase your risk for chronic health problems, such as obesity. It can reduce your cognitive functioning, ability to control emotions and solve problems and the body’s ability to maintain a healthy hormone balance.

Actioning the previous 3 tips will certainly help you to get quality sleep: Exercise, maintain good nutrition and do take a cold shower daily.

However, avoid vigorous exercises, large meals and cold showers very close to sleeping time as all of them increase alertness and metabolic rate.

Also sleeping and waking up at the same time each day will keep your body’s rhythm / clock in check further helping you to sleep better.

Additionally, consider creating a nighttime routine that incorporates relaxing activities, such as taking a bath, reading or yoga / meditation.

5. Enjoy the present by being present.

  • Don’t get caught up in thinking about the past or the future—live in the now!”

  • “Be present in your own life.”

  • “All you have is this moment. Don’t let it slip away.”

All of these (highly overused) sayings lead to the same basic message: it’s vital to live in the present moment.

It is not easy. There’s always something coming up that we need to prepare for or anticipate. Also our lives are so “well-documented” that it’s never been easier to get lost in the past or sidetracked into your preferred application.

Given the fast pace and hectic schedules most of us keep, a base level of anxiety, stress, and unhappiness is the new norm. You may not even realise it, but this tendency to get sucked into the past and the future can leave you perpetually worn out and feeling out of touch with yourself.

The cure for this condition is what so many people have been saying all along: conscious awareness and a commitment to staying in the “now.”

Enjoy your present by being present. Enjoy the little things (you know what I mean). Train focused when you’re training, listen to music when you’re playing it, play with your kids when you doing so, avoid broadcasting and portraying yourself in "social" media while having your preferrer meal, catching up with friends, surfing, sightseeing... (no one is interested in how your meal looks like anyway, except you’re chef :)… stay in the now.

How can we live more in the present?

Yet, the answers are only within you, being aware of the importance to remain present, actioning all of the tips suggested above and practicing mindfulness / meditation will certainly help.

The information contained on the on Workout Australia website, Articles and so on, is not intended to be a professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.

Tomás Agustin Würst, Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Manager Director at Workout Australia. Have a question? Get in contact:

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