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How to Get Started a Workplace Wellness Program. Part 1 (Elements Choice)

Updated: Feb 27

A Workplace Wellness Program can consist of one or a variety of elements, and can be developed over time depending on your company’s resources and the needs of your employees.

Some of the top Workplace Wellness plans currently in use today include:

Health Promotion and Education: This involves ongoing education to employees on a variety of health, fitness and nutrition related issues. This can include internal campaigns coupled with health seminars, workshops, newsletters, etc.

Weight Management & Fitness Programs:

A company can encourage nutrition and physical exercise by offering healthy cafeteria food choices, offering outdoor or in-house group fitness training, providing in-house gym or fitness room and encouraging company sports team initiatives.

Stress Management: Relaxation and stress management programs generally fall under the Fitness Programs category but should be given special attention because of its popularity and most importantly because of the higher stress levels found at today's corporate competitive environments. This can include a range of services and sessions geared towards reducing stress and managing stress such us outdoors fitness training, Yoga and massage.

Individual Goal Setting and Incentives:

These are company-sponsored initiatives that reward individual employees for achieving specific personal wellness goals. Participation in group fitness training, Yoga or participating in health campaigns are two of the most commonly rewarded schemes. Rewards can range from special recognition’s to points, gifts, and even monetary incentives.

Starting A Workplace Wellness Program In Your Company

You don’t have to be a large corporation to implement some form of Employee Wellness Program. Regardless of how big or small your company is a successful wellness program starts from the right attitude and commitment from management

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