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Bootcamp "Training" Vs Group Fitness Training

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Often outdoor group fitness training is confused with bootcamp training.

However, at Workout Australia we like to make very important distinctions between these two.

Our outdoor group fitness training services are small groups of like-minded people participating in structured, fully equipped, supported and adaptable workouts in order to reach common goals.

Bootcamp is not. This modality gets its name from militarised training: Large group of participants getting orders commonly barked at them.

Workout Australia / Fitness Training Solutions

Bootcamp training modality is perhaps efficient while training a soldier, yet it is no while training an athlete. It is not specialised training. It doesn’t neither emphasise technique nor build your confidence.

Will you leave tired? Will you sweat? Will you be sore? Sure you will; but fitness training is way beyond that.

Fitness is an ongoing journey, sometimes a lifestyle where you learn, grow and build skills, techniques and principals and your fitness coach or instructor is you guide, and certainly not a commander.

By Tomás Würst

PE teacher, Fitness Specialist, Yoga Teacher, Workout Australia Founder and Director

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