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5 Tips to Succeed While Self Fitness Training at COVID-19 and WFH Times

At this uncertain times when your training membership is suspended or you are not longer allowed to train with your sport team, you might feel a bit unsure and discouraged to keep your training going.

This is way I put together 5 simple tips to encourage you to stay on track, keep fit and help you to make the right choices.

Please note this article focuses on people who were already exercising before COVID-19, Thereafter, I am assuming you already have established your training goals and understand how to deal with your body needs (possible injuries and medical conditions). If these is not clear, then these are your first tasks: set up your training goal/s and if you have a injury or a medical conditional seek professional advice to learn how to address it.

1) Understand and based your programming choices in the Principals of Fitness:

Frequency (how often?)

Intensity (How hard?)

Type (Kind?)

Time (How long?)

There is lots to say about the Principals of Fitness and take fitness professionals many academic hours and years of experience to master them. Yet, this article will give you a good general base:

2) Make time for exercising.

Plan and schedule your weekly training routine. You will not find time for it, you have to make time for it.

3) Keep it simple.

Complicated exercises does not equal more overall fitness, they only equal more movement skills. Remember that you are training by yourself and your coach is not there to lead you. Hence, create an excessive routine with simple mechanics exercises (technically simple) so you can ensure good posture and alignment all the way through your workout.

4) Leave your ego out.

Focus in your goals and needs, not in your superhero's ones.

5) Keep it up.

You missed a workout? Tomorrow is another day! It's raining? So what, go training! It's dark, I'm tired.. and so on are only excuses in your head. As you know well: The only workout you regret, is the one that did not happen.

The sweat, the time, the devotion. IT PAYS OFF. One of the greatest pleasures in life is realising that two weeks ago your body couldn't do what it just did.

By Tomás Würst

PE teacher, Exercise Specialist and Yoga Teacher. Founder and Director at Workout Australia, Workout Online and Wellness to Corporate.

Mobile: 0414460406

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