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Group & personal fitness training solutions in Sydney CBD, Domain, Observatory Hill, North Sydney, Milsons Point, Kirribilli, Willoughby, Balmoral Beach, Neutral Bay, Mosman, and surrounding areas. Services include  Outdoor Group Fitness, Fitness Camps - Boot Camps, H.I.I.T, Mums & Bubs Fitness, Corporate Fitness, Personal Training and nutritional advise and support 

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Faina (Chickpea Flatbread) Recipe

31. 03. 2016

It is as easy and fast to cook as it is healthy and delicious

Tabata Explained: Why, How and What.

11. 02. 2016

A Tabata is a high-intensity workout protocol that has fitness and weight-loss benefits. It is also a very short workout

Workout Australia Tough Mudder 2016 Team

11. 02. 2016

We love this event as it enhances fitness as much as it promotes camaraderie and team bonding. Moreover, it is fun and very well organised. A great event to give you training focus and commitment.

Motivation & Mindset for Exercise Success

04. 01. 2016

 At New Year resolutions time I like to talk about your stronger friends: MOTIVATION AND MINDSET. At first glance some people seem to just have an abundance of motivation, while others just don’t (picture your friendly neighbourhood couch potato). What makes one person able to stick with a regular exercise program and others, not?

Why our constantly varied fitness programs are more effective to increase fitness performance?

06. 11. 2015

A regimen develops fitness to the extent that it improves each of the ten fitness skills. (Read more by clicking on tittle)