We offer results based persona fitnessl training / trainers for one-on-one coaching in Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Bangalow and Ballina region, including onsite, outdoor and studio services.

What Do We Do?

We provide you with the best possible platform to achieve your fitness and health goals in the most efficient ways.

Why Is Personal Training With Us Efficient?

We all are individuals with different needs and goals, fitness levels and progression rates. As personal trainers we tailor the right program for you taking into consideration your goals, needs and fitness levels and constantly adapt it as you progress.

Therefore our personal training services are focused on your goals considering all your individual needs and timings, making it the most efficient and effective way of training.

We also keep you motivated and accountable by frequent fitness and body assessments (What you wish to improve must be measured). As we trust the difference between the impossible and the possible is a person’s determination, we motivate you to reach your best at every session and also we make sure that you are training safely avoiding over training or/and injuries.

Furthermore, we offer nutritional advice and support in order to aim your fitness and lifestyle goals in a healthy, balanced and faster way.

1 on 1 (Personal Training): 100% attention for maximal results, the most effective way of training that there is.

2 on 1 (Buddy / Pair Training): Link up with a buddy/pair with plenty of attention given to both of you.

3 + on 1: Great way to put the cost down, yet a highly efficient form of training.

Please get in touch to find Byron and Ballina Shires fees.