How Live and Interactive Online Personal Training Works

  1. Choose your Live and Interactive Online Personal Training Plan, after buying you will get redirected to an online form including your goals, needs and available Live Online Personal Training time and equipment.
  2. We call you for an initial consultation to further discuss your personal goals, needs and training history and book all live video classes.
  3. At the first Live Online PT class we instruct the custom made self-workout routine and then we email it to you.
  4. Your journey to a fitter you is started.


Meet Your Trainer

Lucie and Tomás are physical educators (PE teachers), fitness specialists (Diploma in Fitness) and yoga teachers (IYF) and have more than 15 years experience in coaching.

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Since 2004, they have trained thousands of locals. They are proud to help their community to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Do I need a gym membership for my workouts?

No. You can get fit outdoors, in your hotel room, by the pool, in the comfort of your own home; basically anywhere you like.


Do I need equipment for my workouts?

No. Your workouts will be designed around the equipment that you have: dumbbells, bands, exercise balls, etc., or just body weight.


What else do I need?

For the Live Online Personal Training classes you will need:

  1. Internet connexion.

  2. Either Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime (mac only).

  3. A device that can run any of the above Apps.


Can I speak with someone if I need help?

Of course. We are here to help you. Email, text, call or reach out on social media.

We respond to all communications daily, usually within a few hours


Can I reschedule or cancel Live Online Personal Training Classes?

Yes you can if you have either a Platinum or a Gold plan in a 12-Week Program

A minimum of 48hours notice is required

We will endeavour to reschedule your class to a suitable time. If not available we will prorate your fee.

Clients with the Ready-Go! Plan or in a 4-Week Program cannot reschedule or cancelled already booked live-online-classes classes

Live and Interactive Online Personal Training Plans

Ultimate Platinum
12-Week Program
AU$20 /week
AU$32.5 /week
AU$55 /week
AU$100 /week
4-Week Program
AU$30 /week
AU$37.5 /week
AU$62.5 /week
AU$125 /week
45min Live Video Personal Class’ Frequency
Every 4 weeks
Twice Weekly
Custom Self-Workout Routine
Initial Consultation
Nutritional and Lifestyle Guidelines
Fitness Assessment
Choose Your Program
Choose Your Program
Choose You Program
Choose You Program