Unlike other popular body transformation programs, at the Workout Australia 8 Weeks to Wellness Challenge we do not promise you will be the best version of you in only 8 or 12 weeks. We all know this claim is only marketing BS. Not even an elite athlete with full time dedication would state that it will obtain its very best in 8 or 12 weeks.

Neither we offer you unsustainable diets or meal-plans to make you lose weight that you will gain back as soon as you stop the diet. Furthermore, we do not sell supplements either.

Instead we offer you a comprehensive 8-Week Challenge focusing on optimizing your wellness. You get premium fitness training and programming, personalised goals setting, goals accountability, sustainable nutrition and mindset guidelines and support.

So, what exactly do I get with the 8 Weeks to Wellness Challenge?

  • Unlimited training at Kirribilli / Milsons Point Group Fitness.

  • Training techniques & mechanics development. Learn how to exercise hard, yet safely and correctly.

  • Goal setting. Only taking into account your personal goals and individual needs.

  • 3 x body composition assessments. Body mass (your weight), waist and hip circumference measure at commencement, halfway and completion of challenge.

  • Weekly benchmark sessions. What you wish to improve must be measured. These sessions are for you to complete each week testing the 3 key components of fitness: Mobility, Strength & Conditioning.

  • Sustainable for life nutritional guidelines. No-supplements nutritional guidelines to detox your body, feel energetic, work towards your ideal body weight, improve your health and wellbeing and maintain these benefits for life.

  • Mindset support. To perform at a higher level we need to look beyond just training hard and eating healthy. Your mind also needs to bet set to believe; then you will achieve.

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